The original innovative and ground breaking television production company


The founders of the company, Jane Thorburn and Mark Lucas, created the production arm of After Image in 1979 with the primary concept of making unique and innovative programmes for television and video distribution.

With a strong professional grounding in the visual arts the company's first programmes where concerned with highly visual as well as entertaining content. During this time the company produced many successful pop-promos, advertising features as well as arts documentaries.

With the birth of Channel 4 Television in the UK, After Image extended into making programmes for the broadcast arena. Of these early productions the best known is the series ALTER IMAGE. This innovative and often radical series of arts programmes received considerable acclaim and awards both at home and abroad.

Over the years the company has worked hard to produce a wide variety of broadcast programming which has continued to develop and expand its reputation for innovative, highly visual yet accessible productions. Because of their essential visual qualities After Image programmes have translated well onto the world stage and have been successfully sold internationally.

With a continuing reputation for inventiveness and quality the company's work has been featured in a variety of arts and television festivals around he world. Seasons specifically devoted to the work of After Image have been successfully shown at major arts and cultural institutions in the USA, Italy, France as well as in the UK.

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